Winter condensation dryers

Winter condensation dryers

Winter CondensationA great choice of two dehumidifiers designed
to prevent mould and condensation during cold winter periods.

**Most versatile models 20L or 30L** Ideal for Winter & Summer use

**Note:  at lower temperatures say 10-15degC these larger home refrigerant models would take out equivalent moisture of a 8L-10L desiccant model, also having the advantage of taking out more moisture at higher temperatures 15-30 deg C ie. Autumn to summer periods.
Be aware that Dessicant models give off a lot of heat and are unsuitable for warmer climates.



The CB20 Litre Coolbreeze dehumidifier is one of our Premium Home range, suitable for winter & summer condensation drying for larger bedrooms and living areas and for laundry drying. 

price $595 now $495 <<Click for info or to purchase

Sturdy construction, whisper quiet with motorised top vent. Simple easy to read push button digital automatic humidity control. Set and forget.

Key Features

  • Large 20L capacity to suit larger homes  1-2 rooms max 80sqM Lounge/Kitchen/dining room
  • Built-in presettable "OFF timer"
  • 2-speed fan Low noise or High air flow
  • Portable with large carry handle and wheels
  • Large 6L tank + continuous drain feature (with accessory hose purchased separately)
  • Air sucked in from the rear, blows out dry from top air deflector
  • Motorised top vent for Laundry drying..  when used in continuous mode
  • Handy cable caddie tidies cables
  • Simple filter removal and clean
  • AUTO Restart to original settings when power returns after a blackout

>>>Newly arrived!<<<

Our latest addition to our Home Premium Dehumidifier range is our PREMIUM Coolbreeze30 home model
now with an
 18Month warranty**! Same manufacturer as the DampPro 25/12 models. Extremely reliable and versatile.

Coolbreeze CB30L dehumidifier

  • New Premium build version of our popular 1-3 bedroom DampPro 25 model we have sold for years.
  • Normally sold for $795!  We found a deal to save you $100 now $695!

Sturdy construction, whisper quiet with the motorised top vent. Simple easy to read touch-button controls.



Coolbreeze30 Features:30L Dehumidifier+Shoe Dryer

  • Large 30L capacity to suit homes 1-3 rooms
  • Built-in presettable "OFF timer"
  • Now, 3-speed fan. Low noise or High air flow
  • Portable with large carry handle and wheels
  • Large "Easy Grab" 6L tank + continuous drain feature(accessory hose purchased separately)
  • NEW Side Air Duct 1metre long, blows out dry air into hard to get at places.
  • Handy cable tidy at rear.
  • Simple filter removal and clean. Also available 3M Anti Bacterial Filter
  • Dries Laundry fast when used in continuous mode.
  • AUTO Restart to original settings when power returns after a blackout.

<<< NEW! Hideaway hose for extra shoe/cupboard drying.



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