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Damp Solutions Australia® P/L -100% Australian owned company established in 2000. Supplying the best choice rated selection of Commercial and Home Dehumidifiers for mould and condensation control, suitable for all Australian conditions. We stock well-known worldwide brands, such as:

 Olimpia Splendid, SeccoProf, Suntec, Master® (Italy)Seibu Giken DST(Sweden), Airrex, DampPRO, Dehum Aust, Climate, Dampp Chaser and many others. We have also introduced the latest 2016 range of HEPA Air purifiers by Dehum Aust and Cli-Mate.

We pride ourselves on being able to give you our expert personal support with one on one professional advice. You will be refreshed by the simple and cost-effective approach we have to help with mould treatment & removal products, condensation problems or Air Purification needs anywhere in Australia from Cairns - Brisbane - Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne - Tasmania - Adelaide - Perth - Darwin etc.  Try our service, you won't be disappointed. Read more about Damp Solutions in our About Us. .Page.

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Wishing all our customers a safe and happy New Year, we thank you for your support in making Damp Solutions Australia a success, let's do it again in 2018! 

*Services will be back to normal after 6 January 2018**

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"7 SOLUTIONS TO A MOULD FREE HOME" contains great advice for mould and condensation removal, products selection, DIY tools, aromatherapy ideas and lots more. **To receive this OFFER ....Ask our friendly staff for the download link when you next purchase online or over the phone. You must have an Email address to receive the eBook.

Prevent mould, moisture and stop condensation on your walls, ceilings, window glass and tiles in 3 easy steps!

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Should I choose a compressor or desiccant dehumidifier?

What are the differences?

  • Efficiency at low temperatures     
• Power consumption comparison



A:    YES!      Find out how mould can cause asthma in people genetically predisposed to allergies.
< Click on the PDF icon to download this essential and informative article written by the ABC Wellbeing team in conjunction with Professor Connie Katelaris who is a Professor of Immunology and Allergy at the University of Western Sydney and Head of Unit at South Western Sydney Local Health District

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Damp Solutions Australia® provides a free Phone Consultation to help you with mould and condensation prevention needs. We provide the very latest comprehensive industry brands of dehumidifiers and mould prevention products for your home, boats/yachts, caravans, galleries and museums, storage, or commercial business etc. Our Commercial and Home Dehumidifier range is carefully selected to help you prevent and protect your goods from the damages of moisture and mould, providing a safe and productive work environment.

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